Fashion is not by clothing alone

What does fashion say to you? Do you think of that word as only a reference to your clothing? Fashion is not limited to just the new trend of clothing that comes out every year. Fashion is not limited to a person, in fact fashion is a statement that transcends all aspects of ones life. The truth is fashion is a part of who you are. What if I were to tell you that fashion is a big part of interior decorating. Textile Retailers are more than what you think they are. Let us look at some of the quality fashions of merchandise these retail outlets have to offer. First if you think about fashion, the word does not only stop with clothing, for fashion can cover your dwelling too. If you think about it, your house is also a part of you.

Do you want to know a place where fashion will truly highlight the person which we are? Yes it is our own home, or better known as our castle. Let us look at a place that is a part of our every day life. We sleep there, we eat there, and we rest there. Our home is not only where we live, it is a place that expresses ourselves and offers solitude. . Our home is a part of ourselves that should truly define the person we are. This is why our home fashion is just as important as our personal fashion, because it makes a first impression on all those that see it. Your home is your sanctuary so why not bring out all of its beauty by decorating it to match your own personality and creativity. There are so many textiles that you can choose from to make your home your comfort zone which will show your unique personal style.

A lot of creativity goes into the textiles that are used in your home. Let us take for a moment that you walk into a bedroom and see a pink butterfly bed canopy that is encasing a luxury bed. The sight is breath-taking and it is the first thing you notice. Maybe you want to really bring out a fashion statement in your bedroom by having a Dolphin Fleece blanket, or a wolf fleece throw blanket on your bed. Blankets, canopies, and many other fabrics and linen will offer you tranquility and piece of mind. Beauty in ones room is a true representation of their inner person. This proves that the fashion statement of ones house is just as important as their personal fashion taste. The reality of this statement can be understood if you think of your home as your personal castle.

You might be thinking that fabrics to bring out the true elegance of a bedroom are all the fashions a textile outlet would offer. I will give you an example of other home decorative textiles that offer a real fashion statement that are not limited to fabrics or a specific room. There are many artistic creations which can either be made from metal or plastic, which will give your room a fashion statement. Picture your wall in the main living room or dining area with a metallic tree hanging on the wall. Maybe the tree represents your family tree, or maybe it is a reminder of a place where as a child you found shade. Another place in your home you may want to show your true fashion sense may be in your bathroom. Textiles such as a linen cabinet and even a special design toilet paper holder to bring out style and elegance in your bathroom. For this is another side of fashion that truly define who you are.


The best part about home decoration is the mystery and elegance that it offers to you and anyone that sees your place. Fashion statements in your home are to offer beauty and elegance to show that you have pride in yourself. Another reason for a style of fashion maybe to just give those people who come over to visit a sense of mystique about you. Like the example with the tree hanging in the living room, is this a statement your pride in family, or is it a fashion statement of a memory? Your home decor could be a subject for discussion and will leave your guests with a first impression that will last forever.

Now when someone says the word fashion, you might want to think about that word as a word which truly defines a person. Fashion is not limited to a person it really is an expression of one persons vision and spirit. Textile retailers can offer you many decorations for your home that can bring out the true beauty and style you want. Remember this, Your home is your place and with the right decorating touch you will have a place that will show your true inspiration from your heart. If you walk away with anything from this, I hope that you take with you the thought that your home is where your piece of mind and tranquility is. Your place should show the person that you are from your heart and soul. Textile retailers offer many captivating and unique decorations and novelties that will really bring out your homes look and beauty. Remember fashion is more than a look it is an expression of who you really are and should never be taken for granite.